Missing illustrations,
under construction biographies. 

       There are in existence various pictures but as yet I have been unable to obtain them for various reasons listed below. If you can help in any way, or have other original illustrations of the Regiments members, any age or condition, I would be grateful as would those who regularly contact me.

Lieutenant Lawson W. Smith, G Company: in Confederate Veteran Vol. XI, Page 565, have been unable to get.

Lieutenant Cantrell: Company, forename, rank, and when a member of the 16th TN unknown, but became a Lieutenant in the 23rd Tennessee Infantry. There was a 2nd Lt A. P. Cantrell, C Company and an 3rd Lt C. A. Cantrell, C Company in the 23rd Tennessee Infantry.

J. Davis, ? Company (Jacob Davis and Jackson Davis respectively, a  J. Davis transferred into the 8th from the 16th there was also a Lieutenant J. L. Davis, K Company.)

Sergeant (Private?) George H. Etter: Co H.  In Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Ancestors Album, page 71, Pub. 1986.  A photo but info could be wrong

Sergeant Joshua Denton Phillips: A Company. The family have three more photos and am trying to get them to let me have them.

Private Thomas Jefferson Bradford: K Company. The family have a photo and other information I have contacted them and await their reply.

Private Henry Clay Eastham: Co G. Photo at US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, PA.

Private John E. York, I Company, killed Perryville: I have no idea what the link refers to but  he in said to be in Medley, Page 137.

Private Zill Cruse, Co G. Have heard about a photo but have no information.  

Private Isaiah Moffiet, E Company: 
Fifer Francis M Moffitt, G Company:

Corporal Hugh Lawson Moffat (Moffitt, Moffatt), E Company:
I have no idea which of the three that the link refers to but its supposed to be in TSLA, Page 169.  I believe this to be the Tennessee State Library and Archives but Page 169 means nothing.

There is supposed to be a further photo of the16th Tennessee reunion at Lebanon, TN, than the one posted.